What Causes Acne?

Many different concepts have been put together over the years regarding what causes acne yet the primary aspect that most people seem to accept that more than one factor that causes acne and related to acne. Some people believe that what foods they consume are mainly caused of acne outbreaks, while others believe that hormones are to be responsible for acne outbreaks. Some of the lists below are the most widespread concepts that causes acne.



Androgens are a explicit type of body hormone that carries the activity of revitalizing oil gland within the skin. Having excessive oil that mix together with bacteria germ and dead skin will leading to acne outbreaks.

During puberty when hormones reach peak level, which often many people start to experiences acne. It also typically happens to women during pregnancy as well and while women on menstrual period; both of them are with low estrogen occurrence. Estrogen can reduce oil formation in this way when there is much less of estrogen present in your body, oil development will rise.



Some types of genes have been connected to individuals who has developed acne skin lesions, although no specific genes have been identified as the genetic cause of the skin disorder. A number of researchers believe that the particular properties of individuals inherit, such as thickness of their skin or size of the pores, indirectly ascertains whether their skin condition will promote development of acne or not.



Presently there are numerous possibilities that stress impacts our body functioning. It can multiply acne simply by stimulating oil glands within the skin to generate more sebum. Stress can directly cause the adrenal gland to multiply hormones and it’s able to release, this will end up creating higher amounts of the hormones that will produce acne, usually more occurring in women compared to men. Stresses furthermore hold back the immune system, therefore it is incapable to battle infections effectively which included acne. This type of inflammation could easily cause the surface of pore to be burst.

Food That We Eat


Individuals who consume a healthier food and diet that contains rich whole grains and also food that does not processed, will have a significantly lesser risk of developing skin acne lesions than those who consume processed foods. Normally, foods that are processed contain sugar and fat added into it which are contributing to produce acne or make existing acne to develop into worse. Intake of yogurt, green tea and lemon juice have beneficial towards acne prevention and benefit to the skin.

The other explanation associated to diet related to food allergy, acne conditions may be possible development of a food allergy symptom. These types of allergies can lead to a wide array of symptoms and skin lesions may be one associated with them. Simply by having attention to their diet plan and identifying which foods appear to indicate sign of an acne outbreak, individuals may be able to figure out if they experience allergy on particular foods. Alternatively is to seek medical professional for consultation and screening for the symptoms.


Vitamins happen to be another essential consideration because they play an important role in the body daily functions and overall status of health. People who are nutrition deficiency or lack of Vitamin A tend to be more likely to develop acne on the skin. In order to treat this kind of individuals, the most effective treatments used to treat acne is Accutane, which is made out of a vitamin A derivative.


Another vitamin that may be effective towards acne treatment is Vitamin B. It helps to alleviate stress which is part of the aspects that considered the causes of acne. It may also help in skin tone normalization. Although Vitamins B tends to be important for the health and the body, they should be taken in moderate dose to prevent other skin problems that it may caused by excessive intake. Finally, most of us know that Vitamin C benefits many bodily functions and is essential to tissue development and restoration. It helps to protect our body against infection and capable to strengthen our immune system. Whenever consumed in together with bioflavonoid, it will have a significant result and help to battle against acne.

Identifying the Cause of Acne

Along with the amount of ideas about the cause associated with acne, determining the trigger of the acne might become difficult. Research shows that age factors also may have great impact on acne development especially teenagers. Regardless of exactly what causes excess oil in order to be produced, its everyday living along with bacteria might be the area that will need treatment.