Acne Conditions

Under Normal Skin Condition


A very tiny of the natural oil cell or so called sebum rest below the skin cells surface area. These types of cells produce the oil to keep the skin smooth and soft. Together with small pores on the skin make it easy for the sebum to appear on the skin surface. At the same time hairs may also grow out from these pores. Especially during the teenager period, they will produce significantly more sebum compared to children and adult.

This is because of the body hormone adjustments during puberty, which will promote the development of oily cells. In this way the more sebums that are produced, the skin is likely to be experienced more oily, in addition to the even more serious acne is expected to end up. Certain individuals produce more sebum compared to others.

Mild to Moderate Acne


When some pores that gets blocked. As a result of the top skin layer of the pores growing to be thicker, along with the dead skin tissues that is developing straight into the pores. By observing the fills that clog up on the top of these pores such as tiny spots recognized as whiteheads and blackheads.

For information black colored tip on blackheads is normally caused by reaction of oil oxidize not from dirt as some people might be thinking. In most cases, acne will never advance beyond this to moderate phase. Not to mention, moderate to mild acne includes whiteheads, blackheads and smaller pimples

Moderate to Severe Acne


When sebum happened accumulate below blocked pores. You can find a small spot known as acne or papule. Under certain circumstances, acne does not develop over and above such mild to moderate phase once you discovered numerous of small pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. And moderate to severe acne can attribute to much larger spots and inflammation

When it comes to trapped sebum, it creates an ideal environment for the bacterium named Propionibacterium acnes to resides and multiply. If small area reside by this type bacterium on the skin usually are not harmful. However, in the event of large number build up in the trapped sebum, the immune system may break and cause inflammation. When inflammation expands, it causes the surrounding skin to turn into red, and the acne spots turn into larger and filled up with pus or pustules. In some cases this pustules come to be even larger and develop into cysts.

Acne Scars


In most cases, all of the inflamed acne will recover sooner or later. However, when the skin area that was inflamed continues to be discolored for several months after the redness has become disappeared which also known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Usually this is more obvious in darker skin individuals. As a result a small rough scar is commonly left behind on the skin that have inflamed spot before. These small to medium sized scars most often do not disappear completely and are a sign marked in the past that they ever had inflamed acne spots before.

Unusual Causes of Acne


The explanation above is normal causes of nearly all conditions types of acne. Not often, some illnesses in girls and women may possibly trigger acne, or even make acne condition worse. For example, POS or polycystic ovary syndrome, and medical conditions that cause excessive male hormone to be produced in the ovary.

These types of conditions lead to other symptoms in addition to acne, such as hair loss, additional growth of hair on the face or body, and other complications. Another uncommon cause of acne after being exposed to chemical named halogenated hydrocarbons on some jobs related to it will cause rare acne conditions.