About Us

Hi, first of all I would like to thank you for visiting acnecura.org and hope that information on this website is useful for you. As the site name suggested is for people who are looking for solutions for acne related problem, cura is from the Latin word mean cure, so combination that give a simple name for its purpose.

Website Facts

Domain: acnecura.org
Name: Namesilo, LLC
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Phoenix, AZ
United States
Created: on 21 September 2014

The Author

All of the articles that published on this site is reviewed and edited by me, being a columnist for a health magazine has helped me to gain knowledge in the medical field for the past few years. Below is a short introduction of myself.

Danielle (pen name)
Experience: 6 years writing medical journal.
Interests: Musics, movies, live performing arts, surfing and reading dermatology.

Acne Cura missions

  • Provides useful advice associated with acne.
  • List of available natural remedies.
  • Achieve inner body immune from healthy diet.
  • Prevention and avoid all possible causes.
  • Help to identify the right cure.
  • Find the best solutions that work.

If you have a good tips or advice that can help others, you can contact me or even apply as a contribute to post the article and your blog. Please use the email form on this page.