7 Tips For A Healthy Skin You Wouldn’t Want To Miss


Get Enough Sleep

Stress is the most common problem people are facing every day. It has been discovered that whenever a person are in stress condition, the adrenal cortex changes androgen adrenal to the testosterone hormone, which may result in excess of response from sebaceous glands. This androgen adrenal  will be releasing and  producing two times level of testosterone, making the face to become oily, while other body area remains dry causes by  dehydration. Therefore, having sufficient rest from 6 to 8 hours uninterrupted sleep everyday is the most effective way to refresh the skin and health.



Drink Water

Drinking water has long been believed as the most effective natural treatment or the practically free treatment meant for any skin type condition because water is alkaline along with pH 7. 3. This will help to prevent dehydration which will be effective at producing oil from the sebaceous glands or sebum. The skin needs water in order for it to function effectively, thus nutritionists and doctors suggest that the regular intake of water, with a minimum six to eight glasses per day is very important.



Pay Attention to Your Diet

Diet and nutrition play an important part in healthy skin development too. Certain foods, like those dairy products, and acidic foods are claimed to be creating an allergic effect in certain people. Likewise, foods like chocolates are most widely disputed by nutritionist till today. Some claim that chocolates do affect the skin condition, while others claim it does not. No matter what result, the right advice simply sticks to a healthy diet that has a reasonable amount of fresh fruits and green leaf vegetables, and fiber as well.



Avoid Direct Exposure to the Sun

Probably the most common precautions in connection with healthy skin care are keeping away from being direct exposure to the sunlight. As you are probably aware, it may cause sunburn for overly expose to sun rays. While existing sun blocks available in the market can only block the UVB radiation yet still unable to block harmful UVA radiation completely. Whenever possible, wear hats while you are doing outdoor activities to protect your face and skin from the sun.



Consider Exfoliates

Some skin specialists suggest that by exfoliating your skin can be another good idea to get an attractive looking skin. Therefore, using an expensive skin exfoliate system, as it can be effective at removing the body dead skin cells. This should be performed twice a week, so the skins are free to respire. Furthermore, exfoliates also delay development of ingrown hair. However, it’s important to avoid applying any body exfoliate to the facial skin. The primary reason for such precaution is that the tissue from the face is more delicate and sensitive compare to body tissues.




Healthy living always related to exercise for the body to have a greater function as a whole. Apart from healthy diet plan, workout your body can help to maintain the system performance that connected to the healthy skin. A complete exercising will not just keep your body fit, it also increases the oxygen regulating inside the body and enhances the skin complexion as well. Exercise regularly may also reduce stress and make the whole body system function better and efficiently.



Healthy Facial Care Routine

Proper care and attention  are essential for the healthy and balanced skin. Many of the health professionals strongly advise that wash your face with cleanser, moisturize it and use toner on a daily basis. Also remember to clean the neck area whenever you clean your face. Use a good lotion or toner after cleansing.

Before you go to sleep at night time, remember to clear all of the makeup always. Cleanse the skin before you go to bed, even you are very tired. It had been discovered at night time, the skin undergoes an activity of eradication and not able to respire effectively when blocked with cosmetics element. And makeup component can trap dirt and dust onto your skin that clogged your pore.

As for men, some of them may suffer from shaving rashes. This is common problem, men are facing when it comes to shaving. For some men, these types of rashes will make their self esteem low, thankfully these rashes can be easily be avoided. The most effective is following the hair growth direction and position the razor to move along with the same path when shaving.



Hello, hope that you will find the skin care tips and natural acne treatment information to be useful. Not to mention that all the contents included comments are for informational purposes and not to be taken as an advice from a medical professional. These comments are coming from people's experiences without any support, all the statements have not been approved by the FDA, nor be intended to cure or prevent disease. Please consult a qualified doctor for proper advice and guidance.

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