7 Acne Myths That You Must Not Listen

There are several myths about the acne causes as well as how to treat it, understand the causes and eliminates away all the acne myths is a key for successful acne treatment.



Acne will be for teenagers. I cannot get acne if I am an adult

Research has shown about 25% of all people between ages 25 to 44 possess active acne? Many women have acne because of the regular changing of their hormones throughout each menstrual cycle. Medicines like birth control pills and pregnancy can furthermore contribute to adult pimples.



There is nothing we can do about the acne. Let it cure by itself

This statement is simply not correct! While your acne might eventually disappear on its own and come back again if left untreated, it may also leave permanent marks on your skin for more severe types of acne. It can be prevented simply by treatments and it’s about your life.



Acne is an indication of poor hygiene

Getting acne does not usually mean that your pores and skin are dirty. What might look like dirt within your blackheads is really melanin, the dark color that gives your pores and skins its natural color. In fact, cleaning the pores and skin too many times and using strong, abrasive skin cleansers may damage and dry up the skin, therefore increasing your acne. Cleaning your face twice each day with a gentle facial cleanser is enough for the right acne treatment.



Squeezing and picking will be the best way to remove acne immediately

There is no easy and fast method to get rid of acne. Squeezing and picking can damage the surface of your skin, it also can cause the acne to develop into inflamed and worst, it will leave a permanent scar tissue to your skin. Although it is really tempting to pick your acne, you are advised not to damage your skin tissue and rather to let it heal by its own nature.



Acne causes by chocolate and fast foods

While a healthy, well balanced diet help to for your body well being and also good for skin, it is the wrong myth that particular foods like chocolate plus french fries directly trigger acne. Some people might find that particular type of food do trigger their pimple flare- ups, therefore this is wise for all of them to avoid these types of food.



Sunlight can help reduce the acne

Sunlight may dry your own existing acne but not prevent new acne from forming. For some people, sunlight makes them sweating and clogs their pores which may cause the acne become worse. Besides that, typical acne medications such as antibiotic make skin and pore vulnerable to the sunlight exposure if you leave your skin unprotected. The modest benefits of sun contact along with your acne are obviously outweighed by the dangers of burns and skin cancer. It’s advice to use a sunscreen of SPF 15 above to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sunlight.



Cannot wear makeup in case you have acne

While it’s true that will some types of makeup products can make acne even worse, those labelled non-comedogenic usually won’t harm to your skin. Your dermatologist may help you to decide regardless of whether or not to make use of makeup and provide you some product recommendations. Presently there are some concealers that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which are benefits for the acne treatment.



Hello, hope that you will find the skin care tips and natural acne treatment information to be useful. Not to mention that all the contents included comments are for informational purposes and not to be taken as an advice from a medical professional. These comments are coming from people's experiences without any support, all the statements have not been approved by the FDA, nor be intended to cure or prevent disease. Please consult a qualified doctor for proper advice and guidance.

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